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Nelson Mandela still suffering from fluid buildup in lungs

Nelson Mandela still suffering from fluid buildup in lungs

3:37pm, EDT

Nelson Mandela still suffering from fluid buildup in lungs; South Africa denies reportThe 94yearold former president of South Africa was hospitalized nearly a week ago for a recurrence of pneumonia. NBCs Brian Williams reports.

By Alastair Jamieson, NBC News

Nelson Mandela continues to experience a problem with fluid buildup in his lungs and is being treated for pneumonia with oral medication, sources told NBC News on Tuesday.

The 94yearold humanrights icon and former South Africa president was admitted to hospital late on Wednesday after the recurrence of a lung infection that has dogged him since December.

However, a South African government spokesman denied the report that fluid buildup continues to be a problem, saying the former president is breathing without difficult after being treated.

Earlier, relatives visited the antiapartheid campaigner in the hospital, the country presidency said.

spent part of Family Day a public holiday in South Africa today with some members of his family, who appreciate the support they have been receiving from the public, it added.

La Salle students gun came from home

La Salle students gun came from home

No charges in La Salle High School shootingLa Salle student moved to rehabilitation facilityLa Salle student remains criticalIt is time to talk about teen suicideLa Salle gets support in wake of shootingPolice reports, calls to 911 recount trauma at La SalleArchbishop asks for prayers for La Salle students, victims familyExperts: Suicides at schools rareEditor: Heres why we named the studentLa Salle incident fuels sheriffs call for armed officers in schoolsPlans, procedures will be examined after La Salle shootingOn guard for copycat events in wake of La Salle attemptHow will La Salle students deal with grief, trauma?Ramsey: We hurt with you, La SalleListen to the 911 call

Joseph Poynter, the student who attempted suicide in a classroom Monday morning at La Salle High School, used a gun from his own home, according to Green Township Police Chief Bart West.

The weapon, a .45 caliber semiautomatic handgun, was kept in a safe inside the familys home. Poynter, 17, shot himself in the head in front of his fellow students. He remains in critical condition at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

The boys family, on Tuesday, while requesting privacy during this difficult time, issued a statement through the hospital which said: We love our son very much and have always been proud of him. We are grateful for all who continue to keep our son and our family in your prayers.

As students and staff returned to La Salle High School this morning, a police report sheds further light on the tragedy.

the victim struggled to chamber a handgun, placed it to his right temple and discharged one round into his head, reads the report, released this morning by Green Township police.

About 22 other students witnessed the suicide attempt, said Police Chief Bart West.

Some of them immediately ran out of the room, and others were ushered into other rooms.

Its just an unfortunate incident involving one student, the chief said this morning. The school did a great job of implementing their safety plan. They have a very good safety plan in place.

Tuesday morning, students returned to campus at 7:45.

The school held a prayer service to start the day. Extra security guards were posted in the schools parking lots, keeping out everyone but the school community, they said. in the school gym, archdiocese officials said.

Students went to classes but counselors were brought in to help students. A township police officer also will be at the school throughout the day, West said.

We go through the school everyday, but we dont have someone assigned there everyday, West said.

The chief ended the interview by saying he was on his way to La Salle to check on things as well.

In December, he was announced as a new member of the National Honor Society as a junior.

On Feb. 18, Poynter made first honors, and on April 10, he was listed with second honors. A classmate in his Advanced Placement English class said Joseph was preparing to take a test to earn college credit.

Crystal Gutierrez

Crystal Gutierrez

Crystal Gutierrez, Weekend Anchor Reporter Reporter

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I grew up in Socorro, New Mexico and spent many summers and weekends in Albuquerque visiting my grandmother, uncles, aunts and cousins. Im happy to be home covering the news that impacts New Mexicans. in Journalism and Mass Communications.

Ive worked in news behind the scenes and in front of the camera since I was a teenager. My reporting career started in El Paso, Texas where I covered all sides of the illegal immigration debate.

I was there when cartel violence erupted in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Mexican federal soldiers were sent in. My extensive coverage of the border city violence included interviews with experts on why two cartels were fighting over the Juarez corridor. Other stories included the deaths of Mexican police officers who were targets of a hit list and reported live from an El Paso hospital on lockdown because of the patients inside.

Ive covered presidential elections, including campaign visits by the Clintons and President Barack Obama.

The story that had the most impact on my life was a story about a teenage boy diagnosed with cancer. He had started planning his Star Wars themed funeral. When I interviewed the brave young man, he was noticeably in a lot of pain yet didnt wallow in pity. Instead, he wanted to thank those who had helped his family. Being a mother, that story was the hardest but most rewarding to tell. I love reporting because I can bring someones story to life.

gives Candice Glover edge on

gives Candice Glover edge on

The event is free, but attendees must have a ticket. The Center for the Arts is at 801 Carteret St. in Beaufort. The event is free, but donations will be accepted for the Glover family. The cinema is at 33 Office Park Road on Hilton Head Island.

St. The event is free. The school is at 861 Sea Island Parkway on St. Helena Island.

Winning American Idol is about more than talent, Candice Glover says.

Yes, I think its based on talent first, Glover, 23, said in a recent phone interview. But theres also a star power and versatility and a drive . tonight, the St. Helena Island native and Kree Harrison will compete in the onehour Idol finale. Each will sing three songs: a selection by show creator Simon Fuller, the contestants favorite performance from this season and a coronation song an original song written for each finalist that will be available for download on iTunes. Thursday on Fox.

The elusive star power that the winner of Idol must possess isnt just about looks, Glover said. Its not about having a glitzy wardrobe or professionally done hair and makeup.

Its just a demeanor a star has, Glover said. Theyre a humble person, but when they step on a stage, they command that stage.

Competing on Idol, Glover channeled that star power by appearing confident in her performances. No matter how scared or nervous she was under the bright lights, she wanted to make clear each week: Theres no place else Id rather be.

Even though Im probably shaking or my hearts dropping, or I feel like Im about to pass out, I still have that confidence that a star would have, Glover said.

That star power has been noticed by the judges. Last week, judge Nicki Minaj said it has set Glover apart and that she seems to have the most confidence on stage.

Judge Randy Jackson said its what makes Glovers performance this season different from her previous two tryouts for the show.

After Glover sang in this seasons Top 40, Minaj said she couldnt understand how Glover didnt make it on the show before.

How to protect newborns in the car

How to protect newborns in the car

Everybody would be safest facing backward while riding in a car.

Babies are lucky to have seats that work this way. Infants are safest when riding facing the rear, because the back of the safety seat supports the child back, neck, and head in a crash. So, whichever seat you choose, your baby should ride rear facing until about one year of age and at least 20 pounds.

1. Small, lightweight only safety seats are designed for use rear facing only. This kind can be used only as long as the baby head is enclosed by the top rim of the seat A. The label on the seat gives the upper weight limit 17 to 22 pounds. One seat can be converted into a car bed for babies who must lie flat.

2. Larger convertible seats usually fit children from birth to about 40 pounds. Some new models have weight limits as high as 30 to 32 pounds for rearfacing use. These products are especially good for babies under age one who are growing more rapidly than average B. It may be turned around to face the front when the baby is about one year old and at least 20 pounds C. Read the labels to check weight limits. If you buy an infantonly seat, you will need a convertible seat later. Most babies need to use rearfacing convertible seats as they get larger, because they outgrow their infantonly seats before age one. Some products are made to carry a baby over 20 pounds facing the rear. Look for a seat with a higher weight limit when you shop.

Practice buckling the seat into your car before your babys first ride. The base stays buckled in the vehicle, and the seat snaps in and out. Shields do not fit small newborn babies properly. The shield comes up too high and may make proper adjustment of the harness difficult D.

What about seats for preemies?

A baby born earlier than 37 weeks may need to use a car bed if he or she has any possibility of breathing problems when sitting semireclined. Use rolled blankets to keep the babys head from slumping G, see below. Never place any extra cushioning under or behind the baby.

What to do if your baby head flops forward?

It important for an infant to ride sitting semireclined halfway back or 45 degrees from horizontal. In the car, you may find that the safety seat is too upright for a new baby who can hold up his or her head. You can put a tightly rolled bath towel under the front edge of the safety seat to tilt it back a little so your babys head lies back comfortably F. Do not recline it too far.

Harness straps must fit snugly on the body.

Use lowest harness slots for a newborn infant. Dress your baby in clothes that keep legs free. If you want to cover your baby, buckle the harness around him first, then put a blanket over him. If he still slumps down, put a rolled diaper between his legs behind the crotch strap. Thick padding should not be put underneath or behind the baby. Iannellis new book

How Kedarnath temple braved natures fury

How Kedarnath temple braved natures fury

Dehradun, June 27:The evacuation and the rescue operations in Uttarakhand are almost done and now begins the Himalayan operation of resurrection and rehabilitation. Officials said that it would take around 34 years to get the town back on its feet.

However, amidst the scene of destruction and mayhem, there is one structure that stands tall, perfectly in shape, with minor cracks here and there. This is the Kedarnath temple, which has miraculously braved the flash floods when the entire vicinity was turning into rumbles. Call it the miracle of being the Gods own abode or sheer luck, the temple stands unscathed.

However, scientists believe otherwise. They believe that it is the sheer structure of the building that holds the mystery as it was under the snow for almost 400 years and still survived.

Scientists further confirm that the temple structure has several yellow lines that implies glacial movement over the stones. Glaciers comprise of mud and rocks and can be really abrasive. But the structure remained steady with just a few yellow lines here and there, said one of the scientists in Wadia Institute of Geology. Even the interiors of the temple show such marks, but the stones are more polished, he added.

There are many theories regarding the construction of the temple. While some say that it was built by Raja Bhoj of Malwa, who reigned between 1076 and 1099 AD, while there are others who believe that it was the Pandavas who built a temple behind the Kedarnath in the Hindu Dwapar era. But the popular belief is that it was built by Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century. That proves the fact because the LIttle Ice Age is considered to have taken place between 13001900 AD when the temple became a part of the glacier.

The scientists have conducted a Lichenometric dating test on the stones to know their age. The test proves that the glacial formation in the area started in the middle of the 14th century and continued till 1748. It is believed that the Kedarnath is a part of the Chorabari glacier and had five rivers flowing through iMandakini, Madhuganga, Chhirganga, Saraswati and Swarndari. While the other rivers are mythicsl, Mandakhini is said to grow by magnificent extent when it rains or snows.

The temple is 85 feet high, 187 feet long and 80 feet wide. The walls are 12 feet thick and built of very strong stones. The platform on which the temple stands is six foot high.

Clearly, the engineers of the temple had kept the terrains and the formation of the glaciers and the snow in mind and built the temple to withstand any kind of natural disaster. Or could it be the power of the deity that it is dedicated to? Lord Shiva is the destroyer and the saviour, so the temple had to brave all odds to symbolise the omnipresent Shiva.

Hard Rear Muscle and Fitness Hers

Hard Rear Muscle and Fitness Hers

No ifs, ands, or butts about it: Even if you work your glutes regularly, what woman doesn want to make her rear view tighter, smaller, and sexier? Unfortunately, building the butt of your dreams is no easy task. Women often store fat in their lower body, which means it generally the last place we lose extra weight. We had a chance to chat with allstar trainer Pauline Nordin, creator of The Butt Bible ebook and DVD series. secret to a better butt is working hard and working for a long time, she says. Steal her expert tips and rock a bikini with pride all summer long.

Q: What the biggest mistake women make when training their glutes?

A: Most women think they have to do 20 reps of each exercise to see results. But if your goal is to build more muscle, that the wrong approach. When you do those long sets, you building endurance fibers and not stimulating your muscles to grow. It better to go at a higher intensity and use a bigger weight but do only 8 reps. You can do tons of squats and lunges, but if you don increase your weight, you plateau.

Q: Why is it important to have a strong butt?

A: Your glutes play a big role in posture and most basic movements. They take pressure off your back, too, so if you have back problems, it especially important to build strong glutes. Unfortunately, most people sit on their butts all day at work, not using their glutes at all, so make sure to incorporate moves into your strength workouts that target your glutes.

Q: How often should you include glute exercises in your strengthtraining routine?

A: Once or twice a week. There no reason to do them every day. You have to let your muscles recover in order for them to grow. Women are scared of growing their muscles, thinking it will make them look bulky, but since muscle takes up less space than fat, the more you have, the tighter and smaller your butt will be.

Q: Can strength training minimize cellulite?

A: Fat cells on thighs and glutes don disappear easily. But if you untrained, with little muscle, building more muscle may stretch the skin over cellulite, possibly reducing its appearance. But strength training alone won get rid of it. Because cellulite may be caused by genetics and hormones, heavy workouts and a healthy diet probably won make it totally disappear.

Q: What moves should always be included in your butt workout?

A: All kinds of squats: widestance squats, sumo squats They are the best way to target your glutes. I never done a lowerbody workout that didn involve squats. If you not doing them, then you probably doing a sissy workout.

Q: What the best cardio to do for your butt?

A: Let say you want to get the fat off your butt. If you have less muscle and more fat, then doing a lot of cardio will help you lose the fat, but you be left with a flat butt. You need to focus on building muscle while you burning fat. That means you should avoid cardio that keeps a steady pace and opt for cardio workouts that alternate highintensity intervals with recovery periods. Do cardio training like you do weight training, one minute fast and one minute slow. It increases your fatburning rate. But it important to have a strong strengthtraining routine in place so you first build muscle and then do cardio to take off the fat.

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