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Sweet Sixteen Dresses Jessica39s sweet sixteen ideas

Sweet Sixteen Dresses Jessica39s sweet sixteen ideas Sweet #Sixteen #Dresses # #Jessica39s #sweet #sixteen #ideas # #Pinterest

Pin by KimMarie Melnick on Jessica39s sweet sixteen ideas

Pin by KimMarie Melnick on Jessica39s sweet sixteen ideas Pin #by #KimMarie #Melnick #on #Jessica39s #sweet #sixteen #ideas # #Pinterest

One curious monkey That39s funny

One curious monkey That39s funny One #curious #monkey # #That39s #funny # #Pinterest

Photo bomb Photo Bombs

Photo bomb Photo Bombs Photo #bomb # #Photo #Bombs # #Pinterest

Pin by Andrea Husmann on Photo Bombs

Pin by Andrea Husmann on Photo Bombs Pinterest Pin #by #Andrea #Husmann #on #Photo #Bombs # #Pinterest

Pin by Sarah Newcomb on Crochet photo props

Pin by Sarah Newcomb on Crochet photo props Pinterest Pin #by #Sarah #Newcomb #on #Crochet #photo #props # #Pinterest

Pin by Dena CraneHughes on Cool stuff

Pin by Dena CraneHughes on Cool stuff Pinterest Pin #by #Dena #CraneHughes #on #Cool #stuff # #Pinterest

22 DIY Shell Crafts

22 DIY Shell Crafts 22 #DIY #Shell #Crafts

million stadium at Ashton Vale have once again been thrown into turmoil

million stadium at Ashton Vale have once again been thrown into turmoil

But while Ashton Vale campaigners celebrate their sensational victory, the clubs dreams of a new 30,000seat home might hang by a thread but they are not totally shattered beyond hope.

The city council, which backs the plans for a new stadium, must decide whether to formally register the site as a town green. It is looking at ways of unpicking a route through a legal minefield to keep the stadium hopes alive.

Although I respect the fact that she has found that there is a case for awarding a village green, designating the whole 42 acres in question seems utterly unreasonable.

Mr Cook said awarding town green status to the whole site put at serious risk not just the stadium, but a possible arena, redevelopment of the current ground at Ashton Gate and the citys hopes of becoming a host city for the World Cup if the tournament comes to England in 2018.

whats all the fuss about? Local residents have saved some very nice green field area with wetlands from unnecessary development I walk our dog there regularly, and clean up after him. The rubbish dump is a fraction of the area detailed, and was used for 3 years to dump rubble to raise the level of the field. The current football grounds are big enough to redevelop without digging up the countryside. If you want a bigger development, go look at Avonmouth there are square miles of exindustrial sites there, begging for development, with excellent, non congestioninducing access for vehicles, a railway station and bus links. Liberal democrats fudge everything; they stab their electorate in the back and bring ruin to everything they touch. It is happening in Bristol and its happening in Parliament. This is why you should avoid Liberal Democrats avoid their proportional representation aims like the plague, for this my friends is what you will get, hand wringing nimbyism. Show me one thing that the Liberal Democrats have ever achieved worth having? They are the Swiss Army of politics.

Nixon mulls decisions over new Missouri gun bills

Nixon mulls decisions over new Missouri gun bills


The bills focus on how Missourians get guns and where firearms can and cant be taken. Some of the bills were passed in direct response to federal efforts to reform gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in December.

Devin Thomas said he thinks having guns in school buildings for any reason could create problems, especially for students who have anger issues with teachers.

Im not saying everything would result in that manner, but you just dont want to have that weaponry around, he said.

Another change would remove the Missouri Department of Revenue, which supervises drivers license bureaus, from the concealed weapons application process. The measure passed in the wake of the controversy over drivers license offices scanning personal information from concealcarry applications.

Miller moths make annual Boulder visit

Miller moths make annual Boulder visit

When the first one swooshed past my ear it elicited little more than a head bob to avoid it. After all, bugs and I work around each other in the garden daily, so an insect darting past on her errand isnt unusual. When they startled me by flying up when opening a window, I took notice, and by the time the swallows at intersections heralded their arrival, the cause was obvious: its Miller time.

Miller moths those brown and white flying nuisances arrive toward the end of May, but this year their arrival was a bit delayed due to unsettled spring weather. Now that theyre here, the creatures are lingering before their trek into the mountains. Predictions are that this will be a banner season for Miller moths, so brace yourself for a houseful of flitting, dusty insects.

Resting in the soils of eastern Colorado/western Kansas as well as neighboring states of Nebraska and Wyoming, the larvae spent the winter in the soil awaiting spring. Emerging to feast on field crops, they return to the soil to pupate, where they become adults. The most common Miller moth is the adult form of army cutworms Euxoa auxiliaris.

Army cutworms are 11/2 to 2inchlong caterpillars that dine on the seedlings of alfalfa, wheat and other garden crops. Noshing holes in leaves and through the stem just at the soil line, they often kill the plant. This frustrates gardener and farmer, with some muttering that the bug should at least eat the downed plant, instead of leaving the carcass for the grower to find.

In good years when their numbers are high, Army cutworms get a streak of world domination in their collective caterpillar minds, banding together to march, en masse, across the landscape.

Once they molt into winged adults, they migrate westward to the mountains, where theres an abundance of flowers with nectar for food. Its also speculated that they are the victims of Peter Pan syndrome and dont want to age; the only thing that staves this off are the cool temperatures found at higher elevations.

The Front Range is in their flight path and if the weathers right, theyll hang out here with us. You can tell theyre in the area by the way birds, particularly swallows, work the intersections of roads trying to scoop up flitting moths. Look closely the next time youre at an intersection and the light is red to see if you can find the little moth flying in panic just in front of the dipping, swooping bird.

What determines the numbers of bugs in any given year are the temperatures and moisture over winter, the pressure of pesticides in their staging grounds, and prevalent weather once they emerge. This year the numbers surviving winter are high.

The good news is that they wont lay eggs in your home or fly off with your dinner clutched in their claws. But this is little solace when guests are busier flailing at bugs than enjoying your gourmet meal.

Yet, if youre hosting an event, the bugs can help with entertainment. Jingling keys makes a noise that causes them to dive for cover, and theyll land on any surface nearby. Guests can wager where the bugs will land, or try to land them on targets strategically placed about the room. This trick also provides hours of fun if youre tied up at an airport or waiting in line at a bank; just jingle your keys when the moth is flying over a person to try to get the moth to land on them.

Keep the moths from entering your home by sealing openings around windows and doors. Reduce lighting at night in and around the home by turning off all unnecessary lights or substituting nonattractive yellow lights. Swat the few that make their way indoors.

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PayPal meets Facebook in the Venmo social payment app

The app is called Venmo, and it allows you to exchange payments with people in your social circles via your smartphone. Its free to download and use, so long as you link your account to your banking account or a debit card using a credit card carries a 3 percent transaction fee. The app links your Facebook friends and email contacts to your bank account. All data is sent over a 256bit encrypted connection the same encryption method used to protect classified government information and transactions are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This Southwestern city, with its landscape, its culture, its people and its pitfalls, is practically a living, breathing character on AMCs Breaking Bad. When the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad get underway Aug. 11, many fans will experience a painful withdrawal from a drama thats become evermore addicting since its 2008 debut. Of course, a city is only as real as whats inside its borders. Here are six stories behind reallife locations of Breaking Bad. Full Story

The Skyrim Blog

The Skyrim Blog

Here the link to the official discussion.

Today I bring you yet another excellent Character Build showcase, chosen by Rookie Character Building Host TwistedOrthrus. This week Twisted has chosen TZs Renrijra Krin Stafflord excellent build, for a Khajiit that is. Here is what Twisted has to say about this amazing build:

The Renrijra Krin Stafflord one of many great builds by TZ. TZ has offered many great builds as well as entertaining build videos since joining the blog, but this one offers such a unique experience that it deserves to be showcased.

The Renrijra Krin Stafflord a highly unique build with a great lore background, which has been interpreted fantastically by TZ! Utilizing shields, unarmed and staves in an orthodox combination, the Stafflord is set apart from the crowd, offering not only a unique play style, but one that can devastate enemies as well. The Stafflord offers great role play potential as part of the build making this a must see for almost anyone!

TZ has come out with many unique builds I strongly suggest visiting his page, as they are all well worth a read, but one of the things that make all of his builds stand out are his use of selfcreated and commentated videos. It just isnt a proper TZ build until you head that now famous line: Hello and welcome to TZ Gaming!

I strongly suggest reading through this build even though its a Khajiit, and giving it a like and a comment, as all of TZs builds deserve just that!

TheMinute Secure PC

The 10 Minute Secure PC

Here are the four quick steps you can start putting to use right away, the entire process should only take a few minutes excluding the download time for updates.

1. Use a firewall. With the release of the built in firewall with Windows XP it is easier than ever to use employ, simply open up your network connection properties and turn it on. The base setting will be more than sufficient and unlike other firewall offerings it requires almost zero configurations.

2. Configuring Windows Update is one of the least troublesome tools to implement. Once configured the updating service will automatically download and apply any critical patches for your Microsoft software transparently in the background while you work.

3. Antivirus and antispyware software is essential in keeping your system free of viruses, worms and other malicious programs. There are some bare bones, yet effective free programs such as AVG and AdAware as well as robust commercial programs like Norton.

4. Browser security is very straight forward yet can be often glossed over, if you are using Internet Explorer the default security settings can be set in seconds and are generally sufficient. Alternatively try using a different browser like Firefox.

Following these simple and quick steps you can be sure your system is more secure and up to date against the latest security vulnerabilities. Although not an exhaustive list of precautions that can be utilized, these techniques make up a good baseline of protection against a majority of the malicious software lurking about the Internet.

Teachers should be paid more

Teachers should be paid more

UNEDITED Teachers should get paid way more than they do now. They are responsible for our education and we dont give them enough credit. If it werent for the teachers and educators giving us our education, we wouldnt be where we are today. According to the BLS, the average public school teacher in the US gets paid $34.06 per hour in 2005.

Obviously, teachers with higher education and a bigger degree will most likely get paid more, but overall I think a teacher is a teacher no matter how much education they have. Also, teachers have to put up with bad behaving students and kids that just dont seem to care about their grade, themselves or other students/teachers. If the teachers didnt honestly care about our future, they wouldnt waste their time trying to teach us valuable things. Basically everything we learn is from some sort of teacher or mentor, and it doesnt just stop at schoolwork. Teachers can teach us life lessons too, and give us some very valuable tools for life.

Either way, teachers deserve to get paid more for what they do. If it werent for our teachers at any level of education, our world would not be the same in any way..

Strength training improves vascular function in young black men

Strength training improves vascular function in young black men

CHAMPAIGN, lll. Six weeks of weight training can significantly improve blood markers of cardiovascular health in young AfricanAmerican men, researchers report in the Journal of Human Hypertension. Photo by L. Brian Stauffer

The researchers measured blood markers associated with inflammation, immune response or the remodeling of arteries that normally occur after tissue damage, infection or other types of stress. They found that levels of two of these markers dropped significantly in AfricanAmerican men but not in Caucasian men after six weeks of resistance training.

suggests that resistance exercise training is more beneficial in young AfricanAmerican men than in Caucasian men of the same age, said Bo Fernhall, the dean of the College of Applied Health Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Fernhall led the study as a professor in the department of kinesiology and community health at the UrbanaChampaign campus. The 14 AfricanAmerican and 18 Caucasian study subjects were matched for body mass index, cardiovascular fitness and age. None had previously been trained in endurance or resistance exercise.

AfricanAmericans are known to have higher rates of cardiovascular disease than Caucasians, Fernhall said. In particular, stroke and kidney disease are much, much higher in the AfricanAmerican population, he said.

Some of these problems start young.

blood pressures in AfricanAmerican children have been shown as young as 8 to 10 years of age, Fernhall said. there obviously something going on that predisposes the AfricanAmerican population to end stage disease, hypertension and stroke and the more debilitating diseases later on in life. This protein is a reliable marker of systemic inflammation. Levels of CRP rise after injury or infection, and chronically elevated levels are sometimes associated with heart disease and cancer.

The new study looked at other markers that could signal trouble in the arteries: MMPs, which help remodel blood vessels after injury or infection; and 8isoprostane, a marker of oxidative stress involving chemically charged ions or molecules called reactive oxygen species. Both markers went down in the AfricanAmericans, but not the Caucasians, after resistance training.

The researchers were surprised to see that initial levels of MMP9 were lower in AfricanAmericans before the weight training.

may be that MMP9 has a different effect on the vasculature of AfricanAmericans than it does on Caucasians, said Illinois doctoral student Marc Cook, who conducted the new analysis. don know.

The decrease in MMP9 was significantly correlated with the increase in muscle strength in the AfricanAmerican men, Cook said. He sees the reduction in MMP9s and 8isoprostane as a positive outcome in the AfricanAmerican men.

Previous studies showed that exercise actually reduces oxidative stress, and reduces iosprostane, Cook said. nobody had a clue about resistance training.

Cook said he now knows what to say to AfricanAmerican men who ask him why they should exercise.

you don like cardiovascular exercise, if you don like running on a treadmill, if you can play basketball or you not good at it, you can lift weights and improve your health, especially when it comes to high blood pressure, which happens to run in our family, he said. you just want to lift weights and you do it on a regular basis, you could improve your function.

Sometimes Stock Cooling Just Wont Cut It

Sometimes Stock Cooling Just Wont Cut It

Its been a long time since Legit Reviews has reviewed a heat sink as we use water cooling on all the test systems, but that doesnt mean we dont get samples in or try them out. With a large number of AMD enthusiasts making the move to Intel since the launch of the Core 2 Duo Conoroe processors many are not sure what heat sink they should use with their new platform. We recently took the Aerocool Xfire off the shelf and tried it out on our Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Allendale processor at default timings and then again with a 1GHz overclock to see how it does with the core voltage increased and the Front Side Bus moving along at 400MHz Default is 266MHz.

The Aerocool Xfire dwarfs the reference Intel heat sink as the Xfire is 100mm tall and 120mm wide thanks to the Aerocool 120mm fan that mounts on top. The fan that Aerocool uses with the Xfire moves 52.25 CFM of air at 1500 +/ 10% RPM. The nice thing about using a 120mm fan is that decent airflow can be had without having to increase the noise level of the cooling solution. In the case of the Aerocool Xfire the noise level of the fan is 23.53 dBA at full load and was unable to be detected by our audio test equipment as the rest of the test system and ambient noise levels were louder than the fan.

The Aerocool Xfire has a set of 100 aluminum fins that span 118mmL x 46mmW x 22mmH. The two sets of aluminum fins are connected by a single 6mm thick heat pipe to the nickel plated copper base. The base of the heat sink is very smooth, but as with any heat sink on the market today it wouldnt hurt to have a good lapping with some of your own 2000+ grit sand paper to remove all the marks from machining and shipping. It should be interesting to see how it performs against the reference Intel heat sink as both have been designed using very different technologies.

Although we tested the Xfire on an Intel LGA 775 system is also comes with a mounting bracket for AMD users that allow the Xfire to work with K8 systems just fine. We wont bore you with several pages on how to mount the cooler as Aerocool has a very good Xfire installation guide with pictures posted online, but we did notice one crucial problem when mounting the Xfire in the lab. Unlike some of their competitors Aerocool does not have a way for the LGA775 mounting bracket to attach to the heat sink base. What you end up with is the ability for the heat sink to slide back forth both before and after being properly installed. When we first installed the Aerocool Xfire on the test bench we sat it on the processor, lined up the bracket with the holes in the motherboard and locked them into place. Once the board fired up we went into the BIOS and checked the temperatures and noticed the core was well over 60C and still getting hotter. We immediately shut down the system and examined the heat sink looking for what went wrong. The problem was quite obvious once we took a look at the processor socket.

Since the Xfire lacks a centering mechanism and the base of the heat sink slid just a bit during installation. This caused roughly 810mm of the processor not to be covered by the heat sink as seen in the picture above. After the heat sink base was correctly aligned with the processor we went ahead with testing, but wanted to point out this issue as those who travel LAN Gamers might experience shifting and so that Aerocool can improve on the design if there ever will ever be an Xfire 2.