chrome hearts
air max 97

A word skirt straps

I was long gone duck ~ recently,
is a new high Angelababy beauty photo scraper.
Under the cherry trees,
staring eyes beaming to the lens,
people of corona,
directly should be the phrase tenderness eyes Ying Ying Sheng wave flower (it is the ancients did not cheat me.
) so the white lace is especially suitable for large pink cherry blossoms in the background of a photograph,
with flowers fusion of feeling,
especially Xian Qi,
like Hua Xianzi in the flowers in the shuttle.
In addition to this set of lace,
there are second sets of white shirts,
duck feel the most special place baby actually used two strong contrast color red + blue,
red and blue CP since ancient times,
this is easier to control baby with a bit of beauty so blue + red collar band + white shirt,
is not feel a bit familiar?