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B12 school - new media training camp

friends circle,
hot spots.
Information overload,
the brain is exploding new media has become this era can not miss the opportunity WeChat dividend has passed,
the content of entrepreneurship is the carnival Papi sauce and microphone Mongolia has long since become IP,
rely on fans love,
easy access to 10W traffic public enterprises to recruit new media anxiety operations master,
but most of them are at a loss what to do so,
a for 21 days 360 degrees hassle new media training camp came! We invited most hands-on new media operators operating companies,
teach you to believe that excellent enterprise,
is operating out of time: 2016/05/14 (Saturday) 09:00 - 2016/05/15 (Sunday) 19:00 location: XiXi Wetland and the B12 Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province,
gas - 20160503 No.
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