chrome hearts
air max 97

Black, strong and small meat, what's your mouth?

age of small meat has arrived.
From Wu Yifan to Li Yifeng,
and then to TFBOYS,
where he lit millions of fans,
the screen time to break through the sky.
What's the hottest thing at the moment? The little meat is definitely one of the hottest.
Value is justice,
and value is truth.
How can you hold a delicious fresh meat in front of you? I couldn't,
It happened like this: we were the best partners.
You Lennon,
I Nong,
and the United States and the United states.
Have a lot of happy time.
After witnessing the real good.
I fell in love with someone else.
This is SONY recently launched a new ad in Thailand.
Uh huh,
yeah the Thailand.
So please accept good integrity,
open smile.
Singing SONY Dafa,
I got into a hole like this.
Advertising using anthropomorphic creative tec