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BYD zoom fuel SUV maximum benefit 20 thousand yuan

arket ushered in small sales peak,
car prices have shown secret weapons,
the car market is staged is a vigorous grab single battle.
And BYD as early as in March launched the affordable wisdom election marketing activities,
the end of a warm response.
In order to repay the support and trust of the vast numbers of consumers,
BYD affordable smart choice second strong attack,
the fuel version of song,
S7 and G5,
new speed sharp,
new F3 and other concessions.
Among them,
the science and technology tide,
the new generation SUV song is the highest benefit 20 thousand yuan,
the intensity of an unprecedented,
not to be missed.
In recent years,
the competition of SUV car market is becoming more and more fierce.
The era of one car type playing the world has already passed.
it has for