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Eat this meat is not long meat.

what's the fun of life without meat dishes?! But the summer is coming,
in order to wear nice clothes,
a lot of people are determined to abandon love but love to eat meat and meat.
What's wrong? Meat products are rich in protein and are essential nutrients for the human body.
In addition,
some good fats in meat play an important role in the normal functioning of the body.
In fact,
as long as the amount of intake,
and choose a healthy way of cooking to eat meat,
the meat is not long.
Carnivorous animal fast action ~ - By - -lola Luofan colorful Basa Basa tender thorn,
collocation colored vegetables absolutely belongs to nutrition and health of a dish,
and five minutes to fix! Materials -- - Basa a green beans a corn to carrots a spoonful of salt cooking wine (FISH) a small spoon (FISH