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How dangerous is it to leave the child alone in the car?

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said Hangzhou has a 5 year old boy was locked in the car,
crying into tears,
then find the parents,
the couple found the hospital,
the child was sick with no one,
but the hospital regulations cannot take children to the hospital to work as long as half an hour,
the father thought put their rounds,
sick children locked in the car.
Many people worry about the doctor's hard work,
especially among parents,
because many people have experienced the dilemma that no one takes himself to work.
I am a doctor,
have children,
also met two people to work on children with no one,
really very difficult,
but the hospital is no special provisions can not bring the child to the hospital,
but despite this rule,
I will think of other methods,
even if the cheek to find relatives an