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If the university can come back again

itle: if the university can come to again,
the 5 things I need to do the full sleep distance graduation,
have been more than 7 years,
now back in college,
in addition to the good,
but also some regret,
there are 5 things I didn't do well,
some regret.
time can not go back,
but I want 5 things that I regret,
can give students a little inspiration,
such a point is the significance of this paper.
talk about a love,
campus love is very simple,
very good,
especially in undergraduate time,
must seize the opportunity.
This kind of limpid,
pure and pure emotion can be met only when it is on campus,
and it will become a wonderful memory of my life.
Even in the end did not come together,
but also a harvest,
but also for their youth to live up to.
Before high school,
we can put all the