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Lai in the history of the most ruthless attacks the central 44 ministries joint attack once dishonesty can't do anything

of all | Unicom (ID:cbtqlt),
Party building network micro platform (ID:zxbdjw) | reporter Huang Tao recently,
a red tape appeared in people's field of vision,
this is a copy of as many as 44 national ministries,
the Central Authority signed the document,
behind the name of the unit,
there are 44 pieces of red seal cover,
seal cover the entire document is four pages in the page.
Among them,
with the design of the national emblem of the seal of 37,
there are 4 Party emblem seal,
the largest two seals is the Supreme People's court and the Supreme People's procuratorate.
here is what the ~ covered 44 national ministries jointly signed the official seal of the original document is a copy of the notice of the contents of this notice was only 494 words,
but the notice accessories content