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Mother's Day is for mom ampamp's girlfriend's gift

ay (May 8th) is mother's Day!! Are you ready to put aside all the important things and spend a good day with your mother? We used to think that mother's Day gifts were great! Hard! Send! But now can not,
mom more trendy,
not gifts they may make day to yo.
you must have a good motherhood bestie? (photo: CFP) look at us as your list of shopping list,
on the first day of the end of the holiday,
pick a fashionable gift for their mom.
Type: high cold gas star on behalf of her mother - Faye Wong some mothers,
they do not follow the trend of love,
very personal independence of conduct.
Although like other life loving mothers,
they enjoy traveling and music,
but they always find something unique.
(pictures from: Star micro-blog) high cold temperament type of mother,
even since pictures