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Mother's Day is going to teach you to make a carnation

le from bean friend @ to warm authorized release,
mother's day will come,
if you like handwork,
might as well make a carnation personally.
Like crochet,
I'll show you the crochet process of carnations.
There are many kinds of carnations.
I introduce one of the simplest.
The wool around in a circle,
in the circle of three needle needle stand as bait plait needle and 14 needle hook long needle,
this is equivalent to 15 long needle needle hook,
line tension,
hook needle pulling needle,
so that the first lap completed.
Second laps,
first hook,
three pin braid needle as stand up needle,
and then in each needle,
hook two needle long needle,
hook end circle is 30 needle.
The third ring is still the first hook,
the three pin pigtail needle as the standing needle,
and then each needle in the hook,