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Mu Guangyuan - tombstone (containing the winner)

tulations to WeChat friend lkwwind for the signature version of father's mother.
Please reply as soon as possible to the science fiction King's express address and telephone number!!!! Mu Guangyuan,
Yang Tao,
Wen small tombstone tombstone Figure 1 who seems to be overnight in the corner good biologist.
I don't quite understand why they have to integrate these souls from different countries,
even on the Internet,
but it's not polite at all.
I walked along the tombstones,
and Crick,
and I were placed here.
Most of the tombstone are tall,
some like obelisk,
they cast shadows depressing.
I didn't find the man in the cemetery at last: Karl Schweitzer.
There is also a tombstone of his own,
and I think that tombstone fits him very well.
The tombstone is made of granite,