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Please stay away from friendly fraudsters

of green can listen to audio - - - anchor Peipei read the | poison girl from the life of this thing,
don't do too hard in the Empire classic original haze days,
I was from half a year on average once a former friend of WeChat Q,
She let me send her name,
my skin care products,
according to market price,
give her the money back,
and in the end with the I have an urgent need that no one refused and thinking of words and exclamation,
strengthen the tone.
I literally seconds to delete this friend.
The starting point for the personality based on the event playback rebuttal,
as follows: half a year ago,
a pitch dark night,
even this cup of water did not please my friends Q,
gave me two bottles of claiming to be 1600 a bottle of moisturizing spray,
let me try,
also need help to pr