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[school] known to use bait bait on the battle of Culter Culter

where I have a lot of water two or three pound mouth,
I would like to ask what is lake fishing bait culter? Culter belongs to large predatory fish,
the fish in the lake fishing,
bait flavor to natural algae as incense,
listen to a small way,
lakes with bait in the art,
mouth said: know thyself,
know yourself,
to catch the big mouth,
understand its habit of natural essential.
Culter is a freshwater fishing fish,
live in the water,
the water,
the ferocious,
love knot group.
Because fishing culter very enjoyable and exciting,
so not naturally become the object of fish fishing fishing friends love.
But it's not like to be good fishing,
fishing for some little time in fishing fish out of grief,
unable to speak.
Want to catch a big mouth,
need to choose the bait,
to open mouth.
Because the wat