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Skills make iPhone data lines durable, not bad, and don't do these two behaviors

day Leo continue to write,
hard working! Before you go to bed at night,
look at the iPhone news and watch iPhone charging on the pillow! Leo doesn't know when to fall asleep,
when he doesn't know when to wake up,
and why iPhone and the data line are under him.
But also squashed! Small Leo with deep hatred and resentment! Me: do you often pull the data line Leo: what do you mean? I: in order to ensure the iPhone charging data wire process safety without leakage,
the apple online inside are joined in a circle to foil insulation,
as well as a circle of thin metal mesh to enhance the toughness and life data line! This layer of metal mesh would have been extended to here; but because of the four wires are respectively welded inside the different position in the interface of the data line,