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South Korea not only has Song Zhongji, but also can play the piano, can cook the conductor

ing a master conductor,
cooking is also unique to Zheng Mingxun.
He loves to talk about cooking and the title of a Korean chef.
(the end of the | welfare) gold Miaomiao 2013,
South Korea famous conductor Zheng Mingxun with Radio France Philharmonic debut in Shanghai,
I asked him at the time,
he and the orchestra in 2015 after the expiration of the contract will be what to do,
he said: I play some carefully conceal mentioning is a great composer of followers,
with the heart to do a follower should do.
By the end of last year,
he had even resigned as director of music for the Seoul Philharmonic,
and he became more sympathetic after the age of 60.
There are many places of interest in Zheng Mingxun,
he is Korean,
but with French origins long.
In 1989,
in order to celebrate the French Revolut