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The Emperor Li hakuju Chinese history unprecedented event in exile

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Yong Li as the Warring States period of Japan's emperor,
although there is not much strength,
but is still recognized as the representative of the state or the orthodox dynasty.
Man Yong Li regime history: a topic not worth mentioning? Nanming Yongli Emperor Zhu Youlang (1623-1662) is one of the last emperor of the Ming dynasty.
He is the Ming Dynasty (Wanli emperor) grandson of Zhu Yijun,
the son of Wang GUI Zhu Changying,
Chongzhen was invested with Wang yongming.
In November 1646,
the Ming Dynasty,
Lv Daqi,
Chen Zizhuang et al.
Secretary Ding Chukui hailed as supervise the country,
then the emperor in Guangdong Zhaoqing,
nianhao yongli.
According to the custom,
this article also referred to it as ete