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When a cup of delicious resistance to bubble before Longjing.

an Longjing new listing a lot of tea with friends of former Longjing,
every spring can't wait to taste the mouth of a fresh tea,
wake up throughout the spring of their own.
And in the old tea farmers,
but spread before the rain,
tea taste more strong,
more cost-effective.
Before that,
the grain rain.
After April 5th or April 20th and said the tea before rain with a fine tip made of tea shoots.
The tea before rain is not Mingqian tea so fine,
but because of the high temperature,
leaf bud growth is relatively fast,
the accumulation of inclusions is also abundant,
so often the taste of fresh concentrated tea before rain and resistant foam.
And during this period,
tea neither early nor late season,
God of the marrow,
the essence of the season,
as the tea.
Longjing bean smell of rain.
Along wit