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Let the hero and actress tell you how to be a Broadway musical and an old driver

ring  Guangzhou will be blowing a wind of a quiet and modest maiden.
! 17 to 22 days,
the Guangzhou Grand Theater anniversary season will usher in the classic Broadway musical a quiet and modest maiden! Originally staged 6 games because a quiet and modest maiden at the box office,
shortly before the decision in 21 and 22 days.
to meet the Guangzhou residents love for musicals.
How can you enjoy a musical play in the theater like an old driver? Dont worry,
Xiao Bian will teach you! First of all,
of course,
to understand the plot and production of this musical! Musical tells the story of a quiet and modest maiden is a ribald,
but the heart of self love street flower girl with a very tall,
will love as professor of linguistics between the story of spacious clogs: Professor flower girl education can become noble tone seats to the Buckingham Palace dinner to a standard in the lady,
at the same time in term of her having an affair.
In March 15,
the New York Mark Hellinger theater Premi