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Love of all one's life

ring d Lowell Lo,
finally picked up the love of life.
Listen to the previous version with female accompaniment,
the eyes are gone back to Zixia listen to this Joker; today Erhu Version,
see is no longer young but a man sitting on the window,
the afternoon,
there is no tree flowers,
all things do not move,
he also does not move,
the final song over the world.
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please reply reproduced - Shu - recently selected.
Click on the Raiders can browse the text you know Luoping,
but did not know that one of the worlds four flowers for her,
there are incomparable stunning flowers!! You only know Wuyuan? But I do not know these places on the side,
it is a fairyland in the world! Shanghai Disneyland looks good,
but is it worth 370 yuan?! This Hangzhou side of the Xanadu,
so beautiful,
but few people know! Nepal two years six aircraft crash,
Nepal aircraft actually Ann unsafe? Eight,
yesterday banned the fire drama how dirty?!! The next Festival more fine,
Sa Dingding was suffering embarr