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New LOGO ugly explosion design, but feel very bitter, forced

ring is probably the biggest thing in the design of the official opening of a new theme in Instagram Logo 11,
which is the establishment of Instagram for the first time in 5 years to replace the new image.
Instagrams new Logo was made up of simple camera lines and gradual rainbow colors,
and Instagram evolved into a thick minimalist flat at the same time as the trend slowly became obsolete.
Self love friends will not feel strange to Instagram,
this is actually based on a photo sharing social networking platform,
its biggest feature is the pictures are square,
a Polaroid taste,
and later with the five user base continues to expand,
Instagram has become a social networking platform influence is very extensive the.
Not only Instagram,
its a series of Layout,
Hyperlapse and Boomerang software are completed: the unified replacement is responsible for the project design director Sir LAN Sir not bad.
you can go to Twitter to give him some candles,
because the goods from the No.
11 began to be scolded v