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Shangri-La, their family and God signed a paper Millennium contract

ring ,
the first time ten years ago,
the year of travel,
travel here in poison,
ronin career foreshadowed in Shangri-La; to honeymoon four years,
Hu wife resigned,
a powerful and unconstrained style life started; this time,
good friend Wen paper paper in the name of Sanjiaojiuliu polymerization.
Only to find the legend,
the God signed a paper deed of the guardian family.
immortal left field process for the earth,
like the Buddhist Xuanzang Road,
is a difficult but fantastic journey.
Climb the snow mountain.
The Haba snow mountain way everywhere,
like bald ladies stand in little girl,
in the blue mountains appears to stand head and shoulders above others.
Along the way,
do face snow mountain,
Rizhao Jinshan dream.
Go through the grass.
Cattle grazing quietly,
horse running merrily,
this is the eight guardians in azhu and I plan the perfect life.
Arzu: the peak brother,
you finally kick beat dog stick dogs; Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon falls the last dragon,