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SNSD, TiffanyVSJessica century showdown, who do you win?

ring ber of the Korean SNSD Jessica will return to the Solo album in May 17th,
while former teammate Tiffany chose to announce her first solo album I Just Wanna Dance at midnight on May 11th,
Must hit the stage in May,
not to say SM deliberately,
causing the fans to tear open.
The Tiffany and Jessicas simultaneous returns have been compared.
As early as in the era of girls,
because of overseas background,
lead singer,
line and other similar positioning,
so that the relationship between the two members is very subtle.
The solo is two people with personal strength of a contest,
sweet sexy each accounted for one,
billowing smoke has quietly risen.
Tiffanys solo album,
in addition to I Just Wanna Dance,
also included Tiffany personally composing the What Do I Do,
sexy Yellow Light,
Fool and many other songs.
And the new album publicity exposure,
it is triggered by the expectations of the majority of fans,
many people with fresh temperament show Tiffany cool and sexy beauty.