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Teach you the way to grow vegetables, a lifetime can not eat, do not look at the pity

ring etables,
let you eat for a lifetime,
but the premise is to have patience!!! If time can do a good job,
at any time to eat vegetables,
do not spend money to buy!!! Recommended in the WiFi environment while watching the grass,
while the spring is just started collecting the rest of the apple pineapple onions,
give them a stay away trip to regeneration! Apple fruit good day from the beginning of apple,
dug inside the seed bubble after sprouting planting,
given apple tree big remember to choose a larger pot transplanting Oh kiwi kiwi is rich in vitamin C is also very fun to open their own fruit,
black seeds to filter out global patient long time budding: transplant with soil in the water waiting for lemon kiwi is rich in vitamin C usually can eat time they can also at home Oh avocado insipid life to luxury as noble fruit,
avocado is expensive but in the girls hands can also be planted but it results in a rather long time to strawberry the sesame is strawberry seeds with a toothpick pick