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You think they just marry well, seriously, and you lose

ring he song Ode to joy in the hit play,
did the mother tell her? Girls,
well done,
better married,
I think you must not be unfamiliar with this sentence.
Even if you are a good girl who want to rely on their own,
and ultimately not be such remarks shot to the hedgehog.
Especially when you find out that the double dealer is not as good as yours,
but by looking for a good husband,
counter attack becomes a winner in life.
You may begin to wonder whether women really do a good job or marry well When it comes to this,
I can not help but think of the popular drama Ode to joy,
five different styles of sisters,
and their not so good way to choose a spouse.
They look at the side of the opposite sex,
even if the outcome is not clear,
it is not difficult to guess the last to marry rich handsome Andy only and Xiao Xiao Qu.
Why? First of all to talk about Fan Shengmei,
a love to dress up,
dress up,
the young know they require high over 30 foreign HR,
even if she is well done better than marry