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Zen Medicine Diabetes - the loss of sugar and insulin in the body

ring often encounter a lot of seniors will have diabetes before,
dont know why,
always feel that this is a chronic disease difficult to cure,
after watching this cartoon,
to understand that the original diabetes is such a thing.
And there are treatments,
In this paper the author: Deepak Dudmand Duparc studio authorized the release from India international top Ayu Viete expert Dr.
Deepak Dudman CCTV to join the CCTV animation channel launched the theme Zen medical health column,
with the mystery of animation in the form of humorous answers about health.
It is recommended to watch in Wifi environment,
with a video duration of 5 minutes.
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this time you play a key role in maintaining the balance of [Duparc] if you see the three of us to form a system of balance is very important.
[] [] is the fruit ah Duparc anywhere in the world a system including our body balance is also the key factor [fruit] for example,
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