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6 Ancient Chinese Literature Search master close to the classic books

ring he arrow up arrow above the reading,
pay attention to me,
I said [reading] top Jun many people do not understand,
what exactly is the use of Ancient Chinese Literature Search.
In fact,
the classical Chinese classics contain the common sense,
the constant Tao and the teaching of life.
They are often the most valuable and philosophical books of human beings.
foreign culture,
network culture,
the so-called popular culture influence on people more and more,
many people not only in the cultural literacy of severe malnutrition,
also became a little impetuous,
love leisure and hate labour etc.
And their way of self-cultivation,
the method and the way of getting along with people of the Ancient Chinese Literature Search advocated,
which enables us to establish the correct views in the blundering society.
If we receive the excellent traditional culture,
gradually will become subtle common sense; when in use,
can be arbitrary withdrawal,
answer fluently.
The ancients advocated accumulat