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Resume writing, HR do not ask you are difficult

ring m illustrator Malika Favre author of two bacteria some time ago at Jinan University for my cousin resumes,
then I think the number of public concern users there are so many graduates looking for work at the beginning.
Due to the work,
I will often act as professional skill personnel interview assessment officer,
this time for two years,
after I hand interview estimated there were hundreds of resumes,
much more to see also know what your resume can impress the interviewer,
can HR that closes,
which resume is very bad,
easy to throw after no echo.
Whether you are a recent or former student,
I am sure that some of the details I have written will help you.
Many people think that the resume is bragging force,
the more you blow yourself,
the better.
In fact,
from an interviewers perspective,
a good CV is not about telling the other person how tough you are,
but about telling HR how well you fit in.
Every industry and job requirements for people are not the same,
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