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We are not poets, but poetic

ring ant to find a quiet place in the noisy network,
may wish to focus on the micro signal and enjoy the ancient prose beauty beautiful classical bookstores ID:gudianshucheng we recommend we recommend a dedicated to the elegant interesting spread of classical culture,
the public,
classical bookstore (gudianshucheng),
every day carefully prepared for you to share the carefully selected the beauty of ancient prose,
classical literature and interesting content,
the magic of common interests with millions of friends taste of classical culture and enhance their classical temperament.
Since its inception in late 2012,
the classical bookstore has made one step at a time without changing its original intention.
In 2015,
the new list of top 500 179,
the annual reading amount of 110 million +,
and won the national Internet information office and the China Cultural Network Communication Research Institute organized by the Interfax 2015 ten major cultural studies.
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